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Games, ponies, politics, and stupidity from yours truly.

.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot

(If I don't respond to a comment, apologies. I sometimes don't know what way to respond.)

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Your typical conservative republican.

I'm just another artist that would like to show my interest in drawing and painting. Some of my drawings and pieces would be made from complete boredom. I was convinced to create an account on this site when my friend suggested it to me.

I, obviously, like to draw, but to be specific, draw traditionally, digitally, and somewhat practice 2D animation, possibly 3D later. I'm planning to get a career involving animation, such as creating games and animated TV shows. That's gonna be a tad difficult, so I'm just gonna take it easy and do one at a time.

Based on the verdicts of others, I'm a good writer. I don't really think I am too much of a good one, but I really like doing so. Along with the aforementioned statements, a book is also what I'm planning to do.

I really like gaming. Believe it or not, I started playing video games when I was three or four; I couldn't exactly remember. I wouldn't say it's all that interesting because that ended up turning me into a raging game freak. -.-

BUT, I don't just stay inside doing that stuff, I go outside and get active too. I like to run and race with others and I like to play badminton.

I use the art program Painttool SAI along with the Wacom Cintiq 13HD Companion tablet on well-functioning computer.


GTA V - Heist Prep by Atteez
GTA V - Heist Prep
The gang's all here. 

The crew of Vincepter are pictured here preparing for a heist. In this particular scenario, they are just about done gathering what they need to perform this score, so they are either further preparing themselves or speaking to one another as they know they reached their preparation goal. This isn't an actual canonical heist as there are objectives on the dry-erase board that are different from the actual game and there are six people pictured here. This piece was more to celebrate the release of GTA V Heists.

I haven't actually had the chance to play heists yet, but I saw a few YouTube videos based around them and they look fantastic. The bunch of new vehicles introduced to the game to provide you and your crew an advantage over the opposing forces prove very useful, especially the Savage and the Hydra, both technically denominations of the Hunter and the Hydra from the previous GTAs. When I heard about the Hydra, I just about went nuts as it was an awesome vehicle in San Andreas. I remember looking through so many comments on the GTA V trailers and videos demanding that the Hydra be brought back since it was featured ingame, on these reveals. 

So yeah, GTA V Heists looks amazing. From what I've read, Rockstar had to constantly tear down previously made progress and start from scratch again because the game didn't look or feel right the other times the DLC was nearing completion. 

Grand Theft Auto V: Heists © Rockstar Gamse
Art © Atteez

Source: @tarxget on Twitter
Sugar Belle by Atteez
Sugar Belle
She's sweet, isn't she?

Happy Easter! Here's a drawing for y'all!

So just a drawing dedicated to the newest episodes of the premiere to season 5 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Real good episodes to initiate the new bunch of episodes. They were engaging, and I would love to see if anything pertaining to the end of the episode carried over to a later part of the season. If you missed the episodes, not to worry. I won't spoil them. The farthest I'll traverse into the premiere is talking about the character here, Sugar Belle. I'll try to be as prudent as I can.

The gist of the premiere is that the Mane 6 are called to a village in the middle of a big desolate desert because a map that materialized in Twilight's new castle and set a path for them, which would lead them on their journey. There they meet the mayor of this town, Starlight Glimmer, who runs on the philosophy that individualism and diversity are poisons to friendship and acceptance, so everypony in her village agreed to this philosophy. They sacrificed their cutie marks and talent so they could live in what Starlight thought was "peaceful." Enter Sugar Belle, a character that conformed to this idea of civilization. She is one of four new side characters introduced to the series. Whether she has any strong significance the season like Coco Pommel or Seabreeze, I'm not too sure about, though I did read a comment on Derpibooru theorizing that some of the season could branch off this episode and Sugar might be one of the characters to contribute to the season finale, much like the last season. 

I don't know about you, but I think I've developed an affinity for Sugar Belle. Not sure if waifu status since Rainbow Dash currently holds it for me, but you could always have two...right? Most people thought Coco Pommel was cute. You tell me if this is awkward or not, but there was a point in the show where I sort of forgot the "Belle" part in her name and I was calling her "Sugar" with an unknowing smirk on my face...all until they said her full name again. 

Shown here is Sugar Belle in a field on the outskirts of the equality town. Let's say this is set some time after the premiere and the ponies of the town took their diversity and talent to heart, and that includes environmental and agricultural matters. Just a little headcannon since in the episodes, the town was dull color-wise. She takes pleasure in the subject of a conversation she is engaged in, (hopefully) looking cute and sweet as sugar.

I hope everybody had a great Easter and a great day overall! I can't wait to see what season 5 of MLP holds for us. 
POSSILBE SPOILER: Cpt. Price Valentine's Day Card by Atteez
POSSILBE SPOILER: Cpt. Price Valentine's Day Card
I don't think he means it. 

With Valentine's Day on the approach, I decided to create a Valentine's Day card to celebrate the spirit. I couldn't devise any other clever pun or quote pertaining to the subject of entertainment because either somebody else came up with it or my mind just wasn't set to the matter. Though I wouldn't call this too clever. In fact, I think this is a bit of a low blow. Hopefully, you guys got far enough in Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 3 to know what scene this card is referencing.

So depicted here is a furious, and hopefully recovering, Captain John Price after a traumatizing experience. In this, let's say he's not talking to the character Yuri, but to "someone." Instead of pointing his pistol at Someone's face as he surges down the stairs, he presents to Someone a piece of paper with a heart and drying blood. Trying not to murder Someone on the spot, he retains his composure the best he can and asks the question. Someone wants Captain Price to keep his seemingly cool attitude, so in spite of his fear and lack of consent, Someone forces himself to say yes. 

By the way: just as I was typing this, a very mean thought formulated in my mind. What if that paper was meant for Soap? Why Brain, why? XP

Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 3 © Infinity Ward and Activision
Art © Atteez

The character Captain John Price belongs to his respective owners, Infinity Ward and Activision
So I did a few more things on my computer as a last resort to solve the SAI problem. I ran a compatibility check on the program itself and that seemed to restore everything to normal. 

I think the Windows update from a few days was what ruined the startup for the program. Ran the program after syncing up the program with the update. I don't know if it's definitely the diagnosis, but as long as the program runs after this particularly stressful situation, I'm set.

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I would like to see how that one would end.
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